Introduction , Alix Ingber

Sermon , Susan C. Lehman

Exploring the Past
Sweet Briar's History
Jennifer L. Crispen, Associate Professor of Physical Education and Athletics
      Seven Sisters and a Country Cousin
Michael D. Richards, Professor of History
      The Spring of Seventy at Sweet Briar
Our Literary and Political Heritage
Karl Tamburr, Professor of English
      Why Shakespeare Didn't Know Grammar
Alix Ingber, Professor of Spanish and Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
      Multiculturalism Gone Wrong: Spain in the Renaissance
Lee Piepho, Professor of English
      Getting Milton "Right": Ways of Reading in the Late Twentieth Century
Barbara A. Perry, Associate Professor of Government
      John F. Kennedy
Writing About Women
Jody Bart, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Women and Gender Studies
      Feminist Theories of Knowledge: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Susan C. Lehman, Chaplain
      Women in Scripture
Lindsey C. Neef, Class of '99
      Gentility and Gender in Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind
Emily S. Pegues, Class of '00
      "Great Expectations": The Impact of Education on Women's Roles in Society
Constructing New Realities
Claudia Chang, Professor of Anthropology
      The Life and Hard Times of Dr. Chang's Hat
Sarah E. Dean, Class of '99
Sharon M. Wilson, Class of '99
Devon L. Vasconcellos, Class of '99
      A Millionaire's Girl
John Gregory Brown, Associate Professor of English
      Mother and Child
Mary Molyneux Abrams, SBC '86
      Lessons for a Fourth Grade Class (Selections)
Making Connections
Edward L. Schwarzschild, Assistant Professor of English
      Open Heart
Christopher L. C. E. Witcombe, Professor of Art History
      Stone Age Women: "Venus" of Willendorf (This paper is part of Professor Witcombe's website "Images of Women in Ancient Art")
Rebecca Massie Lane, Director of College Galleries and Arts Management Program
      Louise Bourgeois' the puritan
Laura Symons, Director of Academic Resource/Writing Center
      Communication and Commitment
Ross H. Dabney, Professor of English
      Two Films About Native Americans
Stephen R. Wassell, Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences
      Mathematics in Architecture
George H. Lenz, Whitney-Guion Professor of Physics and Dean of the College
      The Sky is Falling
Susan B. Piepho, Professor of Chemistry
      China Today
Exploring Unseen Worlds
Scott D. Hyman, Assistant Professor of Physics
      The Radio Detection of SN 1968D in NGC 6946
Robin L. Davies, Associate Professor of Biology
      Assembly of a Cosmid-Based Physical Map of Chromosome 12p13
Moving Around
Ella H. and Mark M. Magruder, Associate Professors of Dance
      Dance at Sweet Briar College
Laura Staman, Director of Outdoor Programs
      Performance Art

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